Gift Certificates Utilization Info
Gift Certificates may have limited use at some shops in the D-Cube Department store.
They can be purchased via cash or corporate card.
They cannot be refunded in cash, but if you use the amount of money over 60/100 of denominations   (80/100 for those under \I0,000), you can get the balance back.
Using gift certificates for illegal purpose is strictly prohibited
No tax account will be issued for using gift certificates. (Available when paying articles or services in cash)
Please be aware of the fact that you cannot use gift certificates in the following situations.
When the gift certificates are severely damaged and the denominations or issue number is unverifiable (But, if the gift certificate is confirmed to have been issued from the department store, there will be no problem)
When the gift certificate is forged or issued illegally
You cannot use it to purchase gold or any other monetary articles.
You cannot use it to pay the monthly bill of Members Point Card.
In case of loss or theft, the gift certificates will not be re-issued and the department store is not held responsible. The gift certificates are issued by the credence of Geoje D-Cube Department store without any payment warranty.