D-Cube Department store will raise the quality of customer service by motivating sense of duty and sincere service spirit. We have established "Customer Service Charter" to become the leader of service industries.

Based on the idea of "Always with our customers", we'll put the following statements into practice to impress our customers.
- We'll warmly welcome our customers with a broad smile and serve them with sincerity and honesty.
- We'll heed your inquiries courteously with an open-minded attitude.
- We'll keep our promise by all means.
- We'll provide the best shopping environments based on environment-valued management.
- We'll endeavor to think and act for our customers in order to become the most trustworthy department store.
WeˇŻll practice the above with the spirit of love, freedom, and enrichment to generate future value and become the leader of service industries in the 21st century.