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Mt. Mt. Garasan
Location Nambu-myeon
Located on the southern coast, Mt. Garasan at 585m above sea level is the highest in Geoje. This mountain is connected to Mt. Nojasan. The mountain behind Hakdong village is Mt. Nojasan and the mountain behind Dadae village is Mt. Garasan. The name of this mountain originated in 503 in the Gaya period. Geumgwan Gaya's northern border was the mountain behind Haeinsa(temple)(Mt. Gayasan) and its southern border was the southernmost mountain in Geoje. And they say that the mountain was called Mt. Gayasan of south, then its pronunciation changed to Mt. Garasan. Haegeumgang seen from Mt. Garasan is in the shape of a blue dragon flying toward East Sea holding Cintaman in its mouth and the ridges stretching far out to the east are intertwined like the tails of two dragons. Up to the three tenths of the ridge is thick with trees and the summit is covered with rocks. A signal fire station is at the summit and the whole island is visible from the top. The archipelago underneath is engulfed in the mist and South Sea, Goseongman(bay) and Hallyeo Waterway unfold like a picture. On its southwest, many islands including Hansando, Maemuldo, Gaodo, Daebyeongdaedo and Sobyeongdaedo look like dancing in the waves.


Hiking trails
  1. Naechol Daebatgol(20 minutes/0.7km) íŠ Jinmaijae(20 minutes/0.7km) íŠ Summit(30 minutes/1km) 1 hour 20 minutes/2.4km in total
  2. Behind Dadae village íŠ Reservoir(10 minutes/0.3km) íŠ Summit(40 minutes/1.3km) íŠ 50 minutes/1.6km in total
  3. Behind Dadae Elementary School íŠ Fortress site ridge(10 minutes/0.2km) íŠ Manggol(20 minutes/0.5km) íŠ Mangdeung(40 minutes/1.4km) íŠ Summit(10 minutes/0.4km) 1 hour 20 minutes/2.5km in total
  4. Side of Road No. 1018 between Tappo and Jeogu íŠ Mangdeung(1 hour 10 minutes/2.2km) íŠ
    Heliport(10 minutes/0.2km) íŠ Summit(10 minutes/0.2km) 1 hour 30 minutes/2.6km in total
  5. Left road above Tappo village íŠ Heliport(40 minutes/1.2km) íŠ Summit(10 minutes/0.2km) 50 minutes/1.4km in total