Mt. Garasan Mt. Nojasan Mt. Seonjasan
Mt. Daeguemsan Mt. Aengsan Mt. Bukbyeongsan
Ongnyeobong(peak) Mt. Sanbangsan Mt. Mangsan
Mt. Gyeryongsan Guksabong(peak)
Mt. Guksabong(peak)
Location Sinhyeon-eup

This mountain is at the back of Suwol and Okpo in Sinhyeon-eup. This mountain standing over Okpoman(bay) is called Guksabong because it looks like an official in court suit bowing his head. This 464m high mountain consists of two peaks at the top facing each other. Janggunbalteo and Sinseondaebawi are underneath them. At the summit, Daewoo Shipbuilding, Okpoman(bay), Gohyeon, and Yeoncho come into view. It seems that this mountain is surrounded by Mt. Gyeryongsan, Mt. Daegeumsan, Mt. Aengsan, and Ongnyeobong. The view of the mountains and Hallyeo waterway is magnificent. This mountain worked as a surveillance post during the Japanese invasions in the Joseon period. The water in Suwol Valley is clear and the mountain is full of royal azaleas in the spring. The mountain produces fatsia, raspberry, akebi fruit, Shiitake mushroom, and other rare edible wild plants.

Hiking trails
  1. SuwolíŠ Agricultural cooperatives(10 minutes/0.3km)íŠ Beomjasubo(20 minutes/0.7km)íŠ Suwol farm (15 minutes/0.5km) íŠ Jageun(small) Guksabong(peak)(15 minutes/0.5km)íŠ Summit(15 minutes/0.5km) 1 hour 15 minutes/2.5km in total
  2. Bongsong villageíŠ Bongsong pass(Seodanggol)(15 minutes/0.4km)íŠ Dijigijae(30 minutes/1km)íŠ Angol(25 minutes/0.8km)íŠ Jageungoljae(35 minutes/1.1km)íŠ Keungoljae(20 minutes/0.6km)íŠSummit(15 minutes/0.4km 2 hours 20 minutes/4.3km in total
  3. Fire stationíŠ Site of martyrdom(15 minutes/0.4km)íŠ Jageungoljae(15 minutes/0.5km)íŠ Keungoljae(20 minutes/0.6km)íŠ Summit(15 minutes/0.4km 1 hour 5 minutes/2km in total
  4. Mangyang cemetery íŠ Mangyang pass(35 minutes/1.2km) íŠ Darigoljae(1 hour 15 minutes/2.5km) íŠ Summit(35 minutes/1.2ž░) 2 hours 25 minutes/4.9km in total
  5. Road next to Samdo AptsíŠ Bunjideung(25 minutes/0.8km)íŠ Soebatdeung(30 minutes/1km)íŠ Keungoljae(5 minutes/0.2km)íŠ Summit(15 minutes/0.4km) 1 hour 15 minutes/2.4km in total
  6. Back of Sangyo Sogwangu Apts.íŠ Spring(25 minutes/0.8km)íŠ Yongsogol Meondegi(5 minutes/0.2km) íŠ Bueongdwi(20 minutes/0.7km)íŠ Soebatdeung(15 minutes/0.4km)íŠ Keungoljae(5 minutes/0.2km)íŠ
    Summit(15 minutes/0.4km) 1 hour 25 minutes/2.7km in total