Sea, Shore
Yeocha~Hongpo Coastal road Hakdong~Haegeumgang coastal road
Gucheon 3 way junction~Mangchi 3 way junction Jangseungpo coastal road
Windy hill / Sinseondae  
Name Yeocha~Hongpo Coastal road
Of the scenic beauties created by small and large islands around Hallyeo waterway near Geoje, the 3.5km section from Yeocha Pebble Beach in Nambu-myeon to Myeongsa Beach is the best. The view of Dadaedo(island) shrouded in sea mist and the views of sunrise and sunset enchant and charm the visitors.

Natural beauties are well preserved along the road and many people frequent this road. Famous for their clean water and natural beauty, Yeocha Pebble Beach and Myeongsa Beach are favored summer vacation spots.