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Hwangpo Beach Geoje Beach Nongso Pebble Beach
Jungnim Beach Deokpo Beach
Name Gujora Beach
Location Ilun-myeon

As Gujora Beach has soft sand, shallow sea bottom, and mild water temperature, it is best for swimming. Site of Gujora fortress built in the mid Joseon period, and scenic beauties such as Naedo and Oedo are nearby.

The beach is quiet like a lake. And Yundolseom, which has a legend related to a filial son, is located on the west side of the beach. Fresh sashimi, anchovy, and seaweed are available and about 50 guest houses are located nearby. From here, you can board a boat cruising around Naedo, Oedo, and Haegeumgang and go to Haegeumgang on land via the coastal road.