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Historic Park of Geojedo P.O.W. Camp Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park
Hometown of Former President Kim Yeong-sam Yeocha-ri, Nambu-myeon
Geoje Natural Forest of Recreation  
Name Historic Park of Geojedo P.O.W. Camp

A P.O.W. camp was completed on a site of about 10 million m2 around Gohyeon, Suwol, and Yangjeong areas on November 27, 1950. Up to 173,000 prisoners of war including 150,000 North Korean soldiers, 20,000 Chinese soldiers, and 3,000 women soldiers and militias were encamped. With the signing of truce on July 27, 1953, the camp was closed. A park was constructed to recreate the everyday life of prisoners of war based on the material and record of the time. The diorama hall that vividly portrays the camp at the time is a must see.